Anita Berg

Källan installation, roterande objekt, tusch, latex 2022.

Anita Berg born in Stocholm 1956, working and living in Lungsjön, Norrland , Sweden. Working primarily with ceramic and mixt media. Member of KRO, .K.H.V.C. In my creative process, the physical closeness to the materials is important. Clay is the medium through which I can best represent my thoughts. Through my work, I seek to capture the brief instant that lies between being and not being, to find the common thread between past and present a guide into the future. Communication, frailty, wonder, transformation, the passing of time...these are the concepts that inspire my art.

Född1956, Stockholm
TypPerformance, Skulptur, Textil, Rörligt, Installation

Utvalda verk

Nervikt Grafik och porslin 2022

Under det rosa täcket installation 2022 blandteknik

Cirkulärt Porslin 2022