Désirée Burenstrand Schyman

No title, oil on canvas and concrete floor, 210x580 cm, 2021

Désirée Burenstrand Schyman (b. Stockholm), based in Malmö and Berlin; holds a BA in Philosophy and Art history and a MFA from Umeå Academy of Art, Umeå University, 2022. Schyman is interested in painting as an installation and the performative aspects of the painting activity. She adopts a phenomenological perspective and examines topics such as external and internal spaces and their characteristics.

VerksamMalmö, Berlin
TypInstallation, Måleri
BesökHemsida, Instagram

Utvalda verk

Unspecified Ritual, oil on canvas, 650x380 cm, Bildmuseet, Umeå, 2022.

Subtile Ritual, oil on canvas, 45x35 cm. Molekyl gallery, 2022.