Cecilia Hedlund

Cecilia Hedlund (2022), My grandmother's old, worn-out silk blouse. Pine tree, silk blouse, beach, wind. 500x200x200cm.

In her practice Cecilia Hedlund works with the human relationship to nature. She works out in the landscape. Through researching into the human attitude to nature, reading Philosopher Bruno Latour, Researchers Alexander von Humboldt, Physicist Karen Barad in order to understand the human relationship to nature in greater depth, she also uses her practice to try natural processes of erosion, charcoaling, composting, oxidisation, and so on. By using these processes she tries ways of cooperating with nature. Such processes only work if certain conditions of temperature, humidity, etc are right. It is in recognition of humans’ inferiority to nature that is the basis of Hedlund’s work. It might mean that charcoaling can only be done during winter when there is a smaller risk of fire spreading.

Född1984, Nacka, Stockholms Län
VerksamStockholm och Norrtälje kommun
TypPerformance, Skulptur, Installation, Måleri
BesökHemsida, Instagram

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