Uddenskulptur 2024 Open call

The site's historic significance with quarrying and processing of stone and the vertical rock opposing the sea that stretches to the horizon in the West is a perfect setting. This vertical wall of granite cannot be found at any other exhibition space, and makes the peninsula unique in the world. Please feel free to visit www.uddenskulptur.se

Plats Udden, the stone quarry in Hunnebostrand, is an optimal location for the exhibition of sculptures.
Datum13 november 2023
Slutdatum31 december 2023

After thirteen years of superb exhibitions we now continue with Uddenskulptur 2024, and for this upcoming exhibition we announce this Open Call.

We are looking for work, preferably in stone, suitable for this space. If you are intertested, please send us some representive images and a brief description of your work by e-mail to open_call_2024@uddenskulptur.se. Make sue you mention title, value (in € ) , an estimate of the weight and measurements and also the current location of this work.

—> January 2024 We shall make a selection among the received proposals .

—> May 2024 The installation of the selected works.

—> 15 May 2024 Absolute last day installation.

—> 01 June 2024 Opening Uddenskulptur 2024, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.